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How to Bag Freelance Writing Jobs
By: Sowmya Nath

How to bag Freelance Writing Jobs

We live in the Information Age, and indeed, information is everywhere. And all organizations everywhere are always on the lookout for good writers and editors to present their information and content in a meaningful way that reflects positively on them.
With a poor economic outlook and hiring at new lows, it is a good time to be looking for freelance jobs. We freelancers don’t ask for benefits or perks, and want to be paid just for the work we do on an hourly or per project basis, saving our employers money.
As a freelancer who is perpetually on the lookout for the next available writing project, I am constantly applying for jobs. And having sent some hundreds of resumes so far, I think I know enough to share some tips on how to bag freelance writing gigs.
  1. Network, Network, Network:  Meeting people is key to building professional contacts who could get you freelance opportunities or just make you aware of the organizations in your vicinity. Join a writers group or any other professional association will give you much needed visibility to put your name and your work out on the job market.
  1. Make Contact: Pull up a list of local businesses (big and small) on the Internet and call the person you think would be able to get you on board their next writing project. Explain how you can be helpful to them. Organizations are extremely receptive and welcoming of freelancers when they call and offer their services. Most times, your contact information and resume might be filed away for later reference, but they will remember you when they need your help, and offer you a writing project.

  1. Cover Letter and Resume: Customize your cover letter to each organization and its needs. Larger organizations might need help with several types of writing, in which case, highlight your versatility to make yourself available for their various needs. Smaller organizations most often need help with specific writing, such as technical writing or writing press releases. Tailor your cover letter highlighting your skills in these areas, and any other qualities such as your ability to work independently that would increase your marketability to them.
If you have substantial writing experience in different fields, create different resumes for different type of writing jobs. For example, create a resume highlighting your technical writing experience and relevant computer skills when applying for such a position, and another listing your experience writing for publicity/communications departments, etc. 
  1. Writing Samples: Make sure you send your best work to employers or your contacts with your cover letter and resume. If you don’t have prior writing experience, get started by volunteering to write for a local non-profit such as the YMCA or the Red Cross. Once you have these samples in your portfolio, you’re ready to start looking for writing gigs.

If you are a good writer and have excellent credentials, references and experience to prove it, following these simple directions will help you keep landing writing jobs.

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How to Bag Freelance Writing Jobs
By: Sowmya Nath
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